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Variance Orders

A Variance Order is required to provide specific relief from provisions restricting minimum yards, building height, lot coverage, building floor space, site area, site width, land use, dwelling unit density or parking requirements within a specific zone.

A Minor Variance Order is a Variance which allows to vary the minimum or maximum requirements of a zone within the bulk use table by no more than 15 percent. Any Variance that exceeds 15 percent of the minimum or maximum requires must apply for a Major Variance Order which is reviewed by Council at the Regular Development & Planning Meetings (Public Hearing).

Download and complete the Variance Order Application Form and review the Variance Order Application Checklist.

A Variance Order Application also requires a Letter of Intent to be submitted. Download the Sample Letter of Intent to assist with the application process.

The Application Form can be submitted in the following ways:

1.) E-mail Application Form and Required Documents to [email protected]

2.) Complete the Application Form and drop off Application Form and Required Documents at the Municipal Office (Please write "ATTN: Brant Bosiak" on documents)

3.) Schedule an appointment with our department to complete the Application Form in person at the Municipal Office. Contact Brant Bosiak, Planning & Development Officer at 204-878-3321 Ext. 111 or e-mail [email protected]

Disclaimer: If a public hearing is required, submitting an application prior to the deadline does not guarantee that the application will be on the next public hearing agenda. It is dependent on the number of applications received by the department and if an application requires further documents to be submitted and reviewed prior to being scheduled for a public hearing. Please contact the Planning & Development Department to confirm when an application may be scheduled for public hearing.

Minor Variance Orders

New Development = $100.00

Existing/Non-Compliant Development = $200.00

Major Variance Orders (Requiring a Public Hearing)

New Development = $250.00 + Mailing Costs

Existing/Non-Compliant Development = $500.00 + Mailing Costs

For Minor Variance Order Applications, or if the Applicant is not the property owner, the the Application Fee is required once the Application is complete. Below are the following types of payment accepted:

1.) E-Transfer - Send to [email protected] (In message field type “Planning”) Click here for further instructions

2.) Mail Cheque - Mailing Address: Rural Municipality of Taché, 28007 MUN 52N, Dufresne, MB, R5K 0N7)

3.) Pay by Cheque, Debit or Cash at the Municipal Office - 28007 MUN 52N, Corner of PR 206 & HWY 1 (Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm)

For Major Variance Order Applications, that require a Public Hearing, and if the Applicant is the property owner, an invoice will be issued. If a Major Variance Order is being applied for by an Applicant who is not the property owner, they must pay the fee upon completing the application. If a public hearing is required, please contact the planning department to confirm total application costs including the mailing costs. Once an invoice is received, it can be paid by E-transfer, mailing a cheque or visiting the Municipal Office.

Variance Order Approvals expire after 1 year from Council’s decision. The Applicant may make an application to Council for an extension for 12 months (1 year).

Download and complete the Extension Variance Order & Conditional Use Application Form.

Application Fee = $100.00