To Appear Before the Committee

Persons wishing to attend a Local Urban District Committee of Landmark Meeting to present information or make a request may do so in writing or by appearing as a delegation at a meeting.
In order to appear before the Committee, a person must inform the Municipal Office of their request to appear as a delegation and must include the following information:
  • The date of the meeting at which they wish to appear
  • The subject to be discussed and any material that is to be distributed to members
  • The name and current address of the person who will be addressing the Committee
  • The telephone number where the delegation can be reached during normal business hours
Requests to appear as a delegation should be received no later than noon on the Friday prior to the meeting you wish to attend.
Presentations are limited to 10 minutes, following which an opportunity to ask questions of the delegation will be afforded to the Committee.
If you have any questions with respect to the above please contact the Municipal Office at (204) 878-3321 ext 2 or via e-mail at
Mail or drop off your requests to:
28007 Mun 52N
Dufresne, Manitoba
R5K 0N7