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LUD of Landmark

LUD Committee of Landmark


The Local Urban District (LUD) Committees mission is to enhance the quality of life in our communities by ensuring that service levels are delivered in a manner that meets the expectations of its residents. Through collaboration with constituents, involvement from all other areas of our communities and new suggestions, improvements to infrastructure and community image may be achieved. It is the committee’s objective to represent the interests of Landmark residents and businesses as a whole while maintaining a balance of vision and taxes.

What is an LUD?

A Local Urban District (LUD) is an unincorporated community with a population of at least 250 residents.
The Rural Municipality of Taché has (2) LUDs within its boundaries – the LUD of Landmark and the LUD of Lorette.
Each of the LUDs of Landmark and Lorette have a Committee comprised of (3) members each and who are elected by residents of their respective communities and are elected at the same time as the Municipal Council.
The Councillor elected by the LUD of Landmark also attends Committee Meetings and has a vote.

What are the LUD’s Responsibilities?

The Rural Municipality of Taché is the local authority and as such is responsible for the overall operation of the Municipality. The LUD however is responsible for:

- preparing and adopting a service plan for the district;
- submitting the service plan to the Council before it adopts its operating and capital budgets; and
- the exercise of those powers delegated to it by the Council of the Municipality.

These responsibilities are mandated by the Municipal Act and in particular Section 117(1).

Additional responsibilities delegated to the Committee by the Municipality include:
- Road maintenance
- Drainage and ditch maintenance
- Street signage and street lighting
- Sidewalk and boulevard maintenance
- Refuse collection program
- Weed control
- Public park management
- Annual capital plan for road improvement and/or replacement
- The LUD sets the service levels for the district and proposes an annual mill rate for the district
- The LUD is not responsible for planning issues, however they are involved in reviewing applications specific to the district and will make recommendation to the Council.

The Municipality’s Council Members and Administration work closely with the LUD Committee of Landmark on all areas that impact residents.

Regular meetings of the Local Urban District Committee of Landmark occurs the 1st Tuesday of every month at 5:00pm.