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Applications for subdivisions in the R.M. of Taché are to be submitted to the Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Branch Office (Province) in Steinbach, Manitoba. 

Please contact their office to get your application started.

Phone: 204-346-6240


Location: 323 Main Street, Steinbach, MB

In Cloudpermit, you can request a pre-consultation application and/or appointment with the Planning Department to discuss a proposed subdivision prior to submitting an application to the Province.  

To get started with Cloudpermit, you will need to create an account.  You will require a valid email address to use the system.

  1. Go to the Cloudpermit site at
  2. Click on “Create a New Account” found under the “Continue” arrow.
  3. Provide your email address.
  4. Cloudpermit will send an email to the address you have provided.
  5. Open the email and complete the registration process. The next time you visit the site, you'll login using your email and password.
  6. Login to Cloudpermit. It should say "My Dashboard" on the upper left-hand corner.
  7. In "My Dashboard" click the "Create a New Application" button in the upper right-hand corner. 
  8. Select Province and Municipality from the drop down menus (Select "Manitoba" and "Rural Municipality of Taché")
  9. Click the "Planning Approval" box and then click the "Create Application" button.
  10. Select "Subdivisions" from the list of application categories. 
  11. A pre-consultation application and/or meeting with the Municipality is required for a subdivision application is selected. Then click "Next."
  12. Create a New Project and give it a name that relates to the project with the address. The project name can be changed at a later date. Then click "Next."
  13. Provide the Location where the work will be taking place. You can then type in your address, roll number or you can find your property on the map. All the fields with an asterisk must be completed. Then click "Next."
  14. At this point, you'll see a Summary. Check if the information is accurate. If you need to make changes, use the "Back" button. If everything is correct, click "Finish & Create."

Note: Cloudpermit sends email notification indicating the status of your application and what actions may be required of you. Make sure to click "Yes" toggle for Email notifications, located in the upper-left hand corner on the application page/workspace. In addition, you can send a message to our department regarding a specific application within the workspace for that application.

The Types of Subdivisions, either approved by Council or the Designated Officer, that do not require a public hearing, are listed below and in the Development Approval Policy.

Types of Subdivisions that require Council Approval

- Minor Subdivisions, as identified by the Province and not identified in this policy under the authority of the Designated Officer.

- Boundary Realignments/consolidations

- Subdivisions creating 1 additional lot in the Agriculture and Escarpment Areas

- Major Bareland Condominiums creating lots/Titles on a property as required by the Province.

Types of Subdivisions that require Designated Officer Approval

- Subdivisions creating additional lots/titles for attached dwelling units such as but not limited to splitting a Duplex Lot into two lots/titles

- Bareland Condominiums creating lots/titles for existing attached or detached dwelling units on a property

The Types of Subdivisions, approved by Council , that do require a public hearing, are listed below and in the Development Approval Policy.

- Subdivisions opening a public road, as per the Planning Act

- Subdivisions creating 1 or more additional lots in the Town Areas

- Subdivisions creating 1 or more additional lots in the Rural Living and Village Areas

- Subdivisions creating 2 or more additional lots in the Agriculture and Escarpment Areas

- Any other type of subdivision that requires a Public Hearing, as per the Planning Act

Public hearing notification requirements for subdivisions are as follows:

- Rural Areas = notification to all property owners within ½ mile radius of the subject property.

- Village Areas (Dufresne, Linden, Ste. Genevieve and Ross) = notification to all property owners within 300 meters radius of the subject property.

- LUDs of Lorette and Landmark = notification to all property owners within 100 meters radius of the subject property.

The Municipality charges fees to review subdivisions that in addition to any fees that the Province has for subdivisions. See the fees below:

Minor Development (Creating 1 - 5 Lots, including boundary realignments) = $300.00

Major Development (Creating more than 6 Lots) = $500.00

Note: Additional fees are required to mail public hearing notices (if the subdivision requires a public hearing), and/or if Variance Orders are required for the subdivision (to vary site areas and site widths)

Any subdivision creating 1 or more lots are required to pay a Dedication Fee for each lot. Boundary Realignment Subdivisions are not subject to Dedication Fees. The rates vary based on the type and location of subdivision. See the Dedication/Capital Levy Fee By-law below:

Dedication/Capital Levy Fee By-law

Our Department has creating the following guides for subdividing in Taché:

Subdivision Guide (Less than 10 lots)

Subdivision Guide (More than 10 lots)

The Planning Committee is comprised of members of Council and the LUD Committees of Lorette and Landmark. The Planning Committee review applications for Subdivisions creating 10 or more additional lots. They will review the proposals prior to, or after, a formal application has been made.

Note: Every application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and Administration may require an application not listed above to be reviewed by the Planning Committee to provide recommendation to Council.