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S.A.F.E. Family Program

S.A.F.E. Family Program - Smoke Alarms for Every Family

Smoke Alarm Installation Program - The Office of the Fire Commissioner is developing a "planning and installation kit” for fire departments. It will be available for June 2015. The kit will contain all the components required to implement a successful installation program.

S.A.F.E. FAMILY Planning and Installation Kit

  1. S.A.F.E. Program Resources List
  2. Manitoba Fire Code Smoke Alarms
  3. S.A.F.E. Home Fire Escape Planning
  4. S.A.F.E. Facts about Smoke Alarms
  5. Managing Nuisance Alarms
  6. S.A.F.E. kid’s form - School Handout
  7. Keeping Safe from the Silent Killer
  8. Handouts from Red River Mutual: Carbon Monoxide and Home Escape Planning 1 & Home Escape Planning 2

The Manitoba Association of Fire Chiefs is assisting with the implementation of the program throughout the province. The program will be announced at the Manitoba Association of Fire Chiefs conference in June.

The overall goal of Manitoba’s S.A.F.E. Family program is to save lives by protecting every home with working smoke alarms and a practiced fire escape plan. Ongoing evaluation is an essential component that will help to ensure the program is meeting its intended outcomes and continues to be effective, specific, relevant and measurable. In order to evaluate the program, appropriate data will be gathered and analyzed by the Office of the Fire Commissioner and Red River Mutual. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation will highlight areas of the program that need revision and indicate where additional efforts need to be focused. It will also help to ascertain the costs associated with the program and assist the funding partners to plan for the future.

The evaluation data will help to streamline the program, modify outcomes, change activities or target a different client group. Working together, we will make Manitoba a safer place to live. (open and download in pdf)

If you would like to be contacted by the Fire Department to discuss the program, please fill in the form below.