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Residential Building Permits

To obtain a building permit, a completed permit application must be submitted to the municipality along with all required documentation. Applications will only be accepted providing we receive all required documentation at the time the application is submitted.

Once you have all the required documentation listed below, please apply for your permit online through the CloudPermit online tool. Instructions can be found here: Rural Municipality of Taché, Manitoba - Apply for a Permit ( . Building Permits are issued in approximately 1-3 weeks from the day all required documentation is received.

Residential Building Permit Requirements 

All required documentation that must accompany a new Building Permit Application is listed below or found in the printable checklist HERE.
All required fields on all application forms must be filled out. 

1.) Building/Structure Plans, which may be required to include the following:

  • Both, digital & paper copies are required & should be clearly marked/labelled. A large set of plans must also be available on site. 
  • Sealed by a Professional Engineer
    Please note: The sealed date must be within 1 year from date of approval and cannot expire prior to the issuance of the building permit.
  • Letters of assurance from Engineer (only if requested)
  • Window & Door Schedule
  • Above ground wall assembly & attic assembly RSI values calculation

2.) Building/Structure Site Plan

  • Location of proposed building/structure, including dimensions of the building/structure
  • Distances from all property lines to the proposed building/structure
  • Location of existing buildings/structures, including dimensions of all existing buildings/structures
  • Distance from the proposed building/structure to the existing building/structure on the property (All buildings/structures must maintain a separation of 10 feet minimum from eave to eave)
  • Approximate septic field location (if applicable)
  • Driveway location
  • Staking Certificate (required only for any new building permits within the LUD’s of Landmark or Lorette for any primary buildings and accessory buildings with a permeant foundation).

3.) Plumbing & Sewer/Water Connection Application
Please note: A plumbing permit is only required for all new installs, or when changing, modifying, or increasing the current plumbing system. This application only applies to properties within the Local Urban Districts of Landmark or Lorette.
If you are already applying for a plumbing permit, you do not have to fill out a second application for a sewer/water connection.
Plumbing Installation Requirements

4.) Environment Septic fields general inquiries
Please note: Septic Fields do not fall under the RM of Tache's jurisdiction for inquiries please call or email Curt Bueckert at 204-346-6060 or

5.) Driveway Permit
If a driveway has not yet been installed, you must apply for a driveway permit through the Public Works Department.
This application must be submitted prior to building permit issuance. Please view the application HERE and submit to the RM of Taché office at or 204-878-3321 ext 108.
If the property is along a Highway, please contact MB Highways, Steinbach Regional Branch at 316-323 Main St, Steinbach, MB or phone 204-346-6266 for a Driveway/Access Permit.

Documents you may require along with your application & required documentation include:

  • Status of Title (newly purchased property)
  • Septic Field Environmental Registration (Rural Only)
    This can be obtained by contacting Environmental Conservation and Water Stewardship at 204-346-6060.
  • Approval from Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation - This is only required if the property line is within 125 ft. or less from a Provincial Roadway or 250 ft. or less from a Provincial Trunk Highway (within the control area).
    If required, please contact MB Highways, Steinbach Regional Branch at 316-323 Main St, Steinbach, MB or phone 204-346-6266. Please obtain the required permits from Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation prior to submitting your building permit application to the RM of Taché Planning & Development Department.

Demolition Permit
A demolition permit is required any time a building or structure, or portion thereof is demolished on a property.
If you are applying for a demolition permit for a building/structure constructed in 1990 or earlier, it may contain asbestos. The R.M of Tache requires a lab report regarding asbestos. You may contact ALS Winnipeg – Environmental or Pinchin or any other testing facility of your choice.

Whether building a new home or business, or making changes to your existing service, an electrical permit must be obtained from Manitoba Hydro. 

For further building inquiries, book a building inspection or to obtain a Building and/or Development Permit please contact:

Sheila Paterson - Building Administrative Assistant
204-878-3321 ext 106


Dave Turcotte - Building Inspector
204-878-3321 ext 107

Please allow 48 hours notice for a building inspection.