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Community Economic Development Office

Welcome to the Community Economic Development (CED) Office! 

The RM of Taché CED Office and the Community Development Corporation (CDC) Taché is here to support, connect, pathfind, advocate and inform startup businesses, existing enterprises, and community-based organizations with their CED projects. What we do:

SUPPORT: We can provide support to make your business or community-based project a reality. Whether you wish to start up a business, retain, expand, or diversify your existing business or undertake a community economic development we can assist through communication, promotion, passion and purpose.

CONNECT: We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration through networking, training, and capacity building. The key to growing ideas, innovation and positive change is through connection.

PATHFIND: We may not have all the answers, but we will strive to help you find them through resource listings, agencies, databases, stakeholder groups, government programs and services and industry associations.

ADVOCATE: Through policy, programs, and projects we support business and community organizations to realize their goals and objectives. We advocate for strategic planning and facilitation to build a solid foundation.

INFORM: We research, collect, and manage economic development data to support business and community organizations with information to support evidenced based decision making.


Examples of Community Economic Development Work: 

  • Business Directory
  • Business Retention and Expansion Program
  • Investment Attraction Strategies and Tools
  • Business advising, business planning, business coaching
  • Beautification Programs
  • Tourism Strategies
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Grant Programs
  • Workforce Development Training


What is Community Economic Development?

Economic, social and environmental development of the community by the community. Community economic development is characterized by community-based processes and priorities.  It is a process through which development of the community is pursued by the community. Planning is a central activity and is based on participatory principles of community democracy. Likewise, appropriate community organizations are developed to respond to the community’s priorities and values, and to facilitate the maximum access to the process and the maximum control by the community.

                                                     David Douglas, University of Guelph

CED Objectives are to revitalize, renew, stabilize, and or improve the local economy.


Lesley Gaudry, M.E.S.

Economic Development Officer, RM of Taché