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Dust Abatement

Dust abatement 

The RM of Tache's dust abatement program starts every Spring, once the Provincial Road Restrictions are lifted.

We apply Magnesium Chloride at a rate of 10,000 Liters per mile 12-16’ wide. 

We do not spray the full width of the road for the following reasons, after the first rain on a fresh application, the Magnesium Chloride will start to leach out towards the sides and start to treat the untreated portion of the road. Typically, we have seen dust abatement leach 6-10’ depending on the year and rains received. 

By spraying dust abatement in a concentrated area, we maximize the product value by making the full application useable. 

About 12 years ago the full width of the roads were sprayed and dust abatement would not last for more than a few months. After some research, we found Magnesium Chloride up to 6-10 feet outside the road surface and encroaching into the drains.

Because of our practices today, all of the product sprayed is usable and the effect on the environment is less detrimental. 

A resident owner can request more dust abatement during the application season at their cost of $.75 per lineal foot 16’ wide. This equates to $75.00 per 100’ of road. If a resident requests additional dust abatement after the spray season we may not be able to deliver because there is a 20,000-litre minimum purchase to have the product delivered. 

Fort Distributors is our supplier for dust abatement product, their contact number is 204-785-2180

Dust abatement statistics

  • If it rains heavy or there is heavy traffic prior to applying dust abatement we would need to re-grade the roads in order to apply dust abatement. 
  • We only have budget for one dust abatement application per year. This budget is upwards of $380,000 per year.
  • We apply Magnesium Chloride at a rate of 10,000 Liters per mile.
  • Residents typically get approximately 300 feet of application; this is not measured only estimated. Most constituents can expect about 150’ of application on each side of their driveway, however, this will vary due to the placement of the house.  
  • We can apply approximately 3-4 truckloads of Magnesium Chloride per day, which equates to approximately 6-8 continuous miles. Pending we have roads prepped for application. 
  • The Magnesium Chloride is tested with a Hydrometer regularly to maintain quality. Magnesium Chloride will have to meet a minimum specific gravity of 1.28 with 1.26 being rejected.
  • We dust abate the equivalent of 125 continuous miles.
  • We start grading through our dust abatement after the long weekend in September in order to prep the roads for winter.