Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Management is a community-wide effort to managing public safety during large scale emergencies and disasters.

This is done through an organized and structured effort to address:

  • Mitigation - managing or removing the things that create a hazard
  • Preparedness - being ready for an emergency when it happens
  • Response - working to protect life, property and the environment when an emergency occurs
  • Recovery - repairing the damage, learning from what happened, and making improvements

Emergency Management involves everyone in the RM of Taché - citizens, families, first responders, municipal government, community groups, the provincial government and community organizations. Everyone has a role to play before, during and after an emergency.

If a major emergency occurs in the RM of Taché, it will involve a team effort to ensure the most critical needs are met. Our Emergency Management program is based on a team approach. Our approach is to bring community partners together so we make use of all available resources, and make decisions that respond to the most important priorities.

Yes. The RM of Taché has an Emergency Plan to coordinate the activities of all agencies that will be involved in the response to a major civil emergency. The Plan takes a flexible, adaptable "all hazard" approach that allows officials to assess the emergency, determine priorities, and make plans for coordinated action.

If an emergency situation threatens to exceed the capability of the regular municipal emergency services, the Emergency Plan is activated in part or full.

If municipal resources are overwhelmed and outside assistance is required, the RM may request support from the provincial government via Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization.

Every emergency incident is unique, and requires differing levels of response. The Impact on municipal services will vary according to the nature, severity and duration of an emergency event or disaster. RM of Taché residents will be advised of changes to normal service by the municipality.

When disasters strike and creates an unreasonable financial burden, one's first assistance resource check should be made through their private insurance policy.

 The Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization may administer a Disaster Financial Assistance Program as another form of financial assistance for a disaster.

For more information on the DFA Program go to the website:

During the initial hours of any major emergency, the RM of Tache's resources will be focused on re-establishing critical services and in providing care to those in urgent need.

If your household has the supplies on hand to take care of yourself for 72 hours, we will be able to respond to those urgent needs. It will also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're ready.

 The Emergency Preparedness & Reference Guide Section can provide more information on this topic.