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Available Credits


There are several property tax credits which you may be eligible to apply for, to assist you in the payment of your property taxes.

Senior's School Tax Rebate - please visit website 

Farmland School Tax Rebateplease visit website

Riparian Tax Credit please visit website

Education Property Tax Credit Advance (EPTCA) – please visit website

The Education Property Tax Credit is a program administered by the Manitoba Government. Property owners could be eligible for up to $525, as an advance on your property tax statement, as a reduction of the school division levy portion. 

To be eligible for the credit:

1. The property must be your principal residence.
2. The property must be a single-dwelling residence, as assessed by the province.

In addition to this, the Province of Manitoba has begun mailing rebate cheques to qualifying property owners. In 2021, home and farm owners will receive a 25 percent rebate, which will increase to 50 percent in 2022. Other property owners will see a 10 percent rebate this year. 

More information related to the Education Property Tax Credit Advance and Rebate cheques can be found at the following Provincial websites or by calling the Manitoba Inquiry Line at 1-866-626-4862.

Province of Manitoba | News Releases | Education Property Tax Rebate Cheques Being Mailed to Manitobans (

If you did not receive the EPTCA, but believe that you qualify, please contact our office by emailing [email protected] or the Manitoba Tax Assistance Office at [email protected] .

If EPTCA is not received on the current years' property tax bill, the tax credit may be claimed via a personal income tax return.