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Tipping Fees Schedule

*Reminder all vehicles must report to the attendant office prior to offloading*
Garbage Disposal Tipping Fees - PLEASE NOTE new tipping fees effective July 5, 2021. 

The following tipping fees at the Taché Solid Waste Management Facility and the Monominto Transfer Station are currently applicable.

Tipping Fees
*(Cash not accepted, debit or credit card only no American Express) 

Lorette Solid Waste Mangement Facility
Monominto Transfer Station
Household Waste (1-2 Bags)$2.00/eachHousehold Waste (1-2 Bags)$2.00/each
Household Waste (3-5 Bags)$7.50Household Waste (3-5 Bags)$7.50
Household Waste (6-10 Bags)$15.00Household Waste (6-10 Bags)$15.00
Household Waste (11+ Bags & Small Trucks/utility Trailers)$30.00Household Waste (11+ Bags & Small Trucks/utility Trailers)$30.00
Household Waste (Scaled Rate)$60.00/tonneAppliances Containing Refrigerant*$25.00
Construction Material$60.00/tonne

Appliances Containing Refrigerant*$25.00

Scaling Services Fee (Agricultural)$50.00

Paint Can RecyclingNo Charge

 *fee for appliances with refrigerants is to cover the cost of recovering the refrigerants safely before the appliance is recycled properly

Both sites accept used oil, old electronics and fluorescent light bulbs at no charge for proper recycling.

Monominto Transfer Station is unable to accept straw and hay but it is welcomed at the Lorette SWMF at no charge!
We are also unable to accommodate one-ton trucks and dump trailers at the transfer station, thank you for your understanding.

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Payment Methods:
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard only)
  • No Cash handled at site