RCMP Jurisdiction Boundary Change

Policing boundaries change for St-Pierre-Jolys and Steinbach RCMP detachments

Source:  Posted on 04/20/2016, 1:00 pm, by mySteinbach.ca

The primary catalysts for the realignment was based on public sentiment and requests from the affected communities located in both the Rural Municipalities of Tache and Hanover on a mutual desire in enhancing police response times and services in relation to geographical locations of assigned detachments. Community growth, composition and linguistic dynamics have changed where not as much emphasis is placed on bilingual officers as previously requested by the communities.

The northeastern part of the RM of Tache (Ste. Genevieve, Ross, Dufresne) is now being patrolled by the Steinbach detachment. In conjunction, parts of the RM of Hanover (New Bothwell, Kleefeld, Randolph) falls within the new St-Pierre-Jolys’ policing boundary. These changes in patrol areas represents simple extensions of existing detachment jurisdictions. Calls for service received by RCMP dispatch from the general public will be routed to the proper detachment.

Coincidentally, this realignment reverts to the policing boundaries to those similar to the pre 1992 configuration at both St-Pierre-Jolys and Steinbach detachments. Bilingual service to the communities will not be affected.

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