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Administrative Staff

Christine Hutlet
Chief Administrative Officer
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 102                                                                                            
Jeanette Laramee
Assistant CAO
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 103
Cheryl Harder
Finance Officer
[email protected]
204-878-3321 ext 105

Accounts Payable
[email protected]
Wanessa Campanario
Accounting Clerk 
[email protected]
204-878-3321 ext 101
Renée Penner
Accounting Clerk & Utility Billing
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 104
Ellen Enns
Manager of Planning & Development
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 116
Brant Bosiak
Planning & Development Officer
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 111
Tanis Klippenstein
Planning & Development Administrative Assistant
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 106
Dave Turcotte
Building Inspector
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 107
Martha Freeman
911 Civic Addressing
[email protected]
Bryanna Wiebe
Operations Administrative Assistant 
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 108
Alison Fox
Recreation & Community Services Manager
[email protected]204-878-3321 ext 113
General Inquiries
[email protected]
204-878-3321 ext 0