Landmark & Lorette Garbage Collection


Local Urban Districts of Landmark & Lorette

The Rural Municipality of Taché is pleased to advise you that the Solid Waste Contractor for the LUDs of Landmark & Lorette is G&R Garbage Disposal.

To view the 2023 garbage & recycling collection schedule for Landmark - CLICK HERE
To view the 2023 garbage & recycling schedule collection for Lorette - CLICK HERE

Effective January 1st, 2020, the garbage limit has changed to a maximum of three (3) regular sized (approximately 26" x 33") garbage bags of household waste per week.

To accommodate additional garbage bags, bag tags are available for purchase at the Municipal Office (28007 Mun 52N). Garbage bag tags will be available for purchase at a cost of $2.00 per tag and must be placed at the top of each bag. All refuse should be in solid colored bags, such as green or black. Any loose garbage in garbage cans will not be picked up. Please do NOT use clear plastic or clear colored bags for garbage. Clear bags should only be used for the recycling program.
*Bag tags may be purchased in person at the municipal office or requested by email at*

Garbage pickup will commence at 7:00 a.m. and terminate on the same day barring any difficulties, breakdowns or inclement weather conditions. All garbage or refuse must be placed by the roadside or curb by 7:00 a.m. on the pickup day. Garbage pickup is for the LUD of Landmark & LUD of Lorette ONLY. If anyone notices that garbage is being brought in from outside one of the LUD's, please report it to the R.M. of Taché Office at 204-878-3321 immediately.

Items such as Christmas Trees, Ashes, Oils, Used Furniture, Building Materials and Heavy Metal Articles such as Car Parts, Bicycle Frames, Barbeques, and grass clippings WILL NOT BE PICKED UP by the garbage truck. You may dispose of the above-mentioned articles (ones not accepted by the garbage truck) at the Lorette Solid Waste Management Facility.

Any Renovation or Demolition Materials or Landscaping material must be disposed of by the contractor or owner, and all Demolition Materials must be tested and free of Asbestos (certificate required). 

Anyone placing used oil and or containers in their garbage bags that leaks onto the road or contaminate an employee on the garbage truck will be responsible to pay for any fines or cleanup costs charged by Environment Canada or a cleanup crew, and will be responsible to replace the employees clothing and safety wear. Used oil can be disposed of at the Lorette Solid Waste Management Facility and or the Monominto Transfer Station.

PLEASE NOTE: Paint will not be picked up by the garbage truck. Used paint can be disposed of at the Lorette Solid Waste Management Facility.

For inquiries regarding garbage pickup please contact the RM of Taché Office at 204-878-3321.