Development Plan & Zoning By-law

Development Plan

The R.M. of Taché Development Plan designates Town, Village, Rural Living, Escarpment and Agriculture Areas within the Municipality and outlines development policies for each Designated Area. Please review the Development Plan Document, a Guide on How to Read the Development Plan and Development Plan Maps below:

Development Plan By-law No. 5-2016

Map 1A Taché Northwest

Map 1B Taché East

Map 1C Taché South

Map 2 LUD of Lorette

Map 3 LUD of Landmark

Aggregate Resource Map

Zoning By-law

The R.M. of Taché Zoning By-law is a tool used to regulate the use and development of land and buildings. Our current Zoning By-law, adopted in 2018, now regulates the development of Secondary Suites, Home Businesses, Hobby Farming and more. Please review the Zoning By-law Document, a Guide on How to Read the Zoning By-law and Zoning By-law Maps below:

Zoning By-law No. 10-2017

Map 1A Northwest Taché

Map 1B East Taché 

Map 1C Southwest Taché

LUD of Lorette

LUD of Landmark

Please contact a Planning & Development Officer to determine if a use or built form is permitted within the Designated Area and Zone for a particular property.  If you are proposing a use or built form that is not permitted in a Designated Area within the Development Plan or a Zone within the Zoning By-law, please contact a Planning & Development Officer to begin the Development Plan or Zoning By-law (Rezoning) Amendment Application.