To Appear Before Council

Regular Development & Planning Meetings are held in the R.M. of Taché Council Chamber (28007 MUN 52N) on the third Tuesday of each month. Please contact the Planning & Development Officers for application deadlines as Public Hearing Notices to surrounding properties are required to be mailed 2 weeks prior to the Public Hearing as regulated in the Planning Act.

The following Applications/Public Hearing(s) have been scheduled for the upcoming Regular Development & Planning Meeting(s). To view the proposal please click on the link shown below:

The next Public Hearing will be a Virtual Meeting held 

Tuesday September 21st, 2021 at 6:00 pm via Zoom©   

Variance Order No. VO 22-21 Gilbert Vermette

Variance Order No. VO 23-21 Andrew Goossen & Ralph Wohlgemuth

Variance Order No. VO 32-21 Schinkel Properties Inc.

Zoning Amendment By-law No. 05-2021 Lorette Golf Course Ltd.

Variance Order No. VO 28-21 Josh Friesen

Variance Order No. VO 31-21 Evan Schinkel

Conditional Use No. CU 38-21 & Variance Order No. VO 39-21 Marc & Evelyn Gatien

Conditional Use No. CU 35-21 Harold Meadows

Conditional Use No. CU 29-21 & Variance Order No. VO 30-21 Kyle Benson

Conditional Use No. CU 25-21 & Variance Order No. VO 26-21 Brian Reimer

Variance Order No. VO 40-21 KW Farms Ltd.


Council will hear any person who wishes to make representation, ask questions or register an objection regarding this application. Individuals who plan to attend the virtual meeting must register by emailing the person listed in the contact information below by September 16th, 2021 at 4:00 pm. Individuals who plan on making verbal representation must also submit a written letter in the event of technical difficulties. Written letters of support or objection may be submitted by those who do not wish to make verbal representation or attend the meeting.