Development Plan & Zoning By-law

Planning and development in the R.M. of Taché is guided by the Development Plan By-law No. 5-2016 and the Zoning By-law No. 10-2017. The Development Plan designates Town, Village, Rural Living, Escarpment and Agriculture Areas within the Municipality and outlines development policies for each Designated Area, while the Zoning By-law is a tool used to regulate the use and development of land and buildings. Our new Zoning By-law now regulates the development of Secondary Suites, Home Businesses, Hobby Farming and more.
Please contact a Planning & Development Officer to determine if a use or built form is permitted within the Designated Area and Zone for a particular property.  If you are proposing a use or built form that is not permitted in a Designated Area within the Development Plan or a Zone within the Zoning By-law, please contact a Planning & Development Officer to begin the Development Plan or Zoning By-law (Rezoning) Amendment Application.
Download the R.M. of Taché Development Plan and Zoning By-law for more information: